Positive Behaviour Support in School




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Hello and welcome to the PBS section in our School Newsletter. We have seen some fantastic behaviour displayed across the school this term, and as teachers, we are very proud of the feel of the Challis community within our school. This term our PBS focuses have been:

  • We line up quietly and are ready for learning
  • We follow instructions the first time and quickly
  • We use whole body listening
  • We use appropriate language and tone
  • We put our rubbish in the bin
  • We set learning goals and strive to achieve them
  • We show perseverance

At the end of this term we have seen students set goals in reading, writing, maths and social behaviour. It has been fantastic for the students to think critically about how they can improve their own learning. Well done Challis students.


This week the students have had the opportunity to work in their factions to summarise the big ideas in PBS this term and reflect on their learning of our four behaviour expectations. The factions completed activities based on what they have learned this term and these included:

  • Designing a pamphlet or poster
  • Creating a skit
  • Designing a poster about what Challis RISE Up students look like, sound like and feel like
  • Conducting a peer interview

During this time students were given the opportunity to work with their brothers, sisters and cousins and a great team spirit was developed amongst each faction.