Don't Stop the Music

DSTM  (Don’t Stop the Music)


After several years of negotiations between Artemis International and The WA Education Department, Challis CPS was selected to introduce an in-school music based program.  Filmed by Artemis, culminating in a three part documentary series, Don’t’ Stop the Music  to be aired on the ABC network in late 2018. The series explores the impact of school based music on the children lives at school, home and the wider community.  Challis music specialist teachers will receive intensive training and support as part of the National Music Teacher Mentoring Program. They will have access to a variety of highly skilled professionals in delivering high quality music lessons.

The Salvation Army provide the Brass component and children with in-school lessons and the  opportunity to form a band that performs at school and community events. Artemis International in partnership with Musica Viva will provide resources to fund a Strings Program that offers tuition in violin, guitar and cello. Filming began in Term 3, 2017 and will continue until mid-term 2, 2018.

On the 22nd September, 2017 Artemis Media arranged a very special surprise for Challis children. All year 3-6’s were treated to a flash mob style, live performance by the UWA School of Music Student Orchestra and UWA Vocal Consort choir. Children were in awe of this live performance and were treated to joining in on playing instruments, singing with the choir and conducting.

November 21st, 22nd and 23rd saw the whole school treated with a visit by Guy Sebastian. Guy  visited with our school choir, music students and he kindly joined in on an information session for 2018’s Pre-Kindergarten parents. The whole school came together for a special assembly where Guy performed ‘Like it Like That’. Guy enlisted the help of the whole school to sing part of the chorus. Guy was also treated to the whole school singing ‘Rise Up’ as a surprise to thank him for visiting our school.

Viewed on the ABC on Sunday November 11th, 19th and 25th 2018 and also iview.

Don't Stop the Music Trailer - click to view

Here is the link to an abc interview with Lee Musumeci, following part two of"Don't Stop the Music" being viewed on the ABC on Sunday November 19th.

The Sebastian Foundation - click here to view

Sebastian Foundation logo   Guy and Jules Sebastian, through the Sebastian Foundation donated $4,000 to Challis to purchase Christmas Hampers for familes who needed support at this time of Year. 



After many years working on children’s projects in Kenya, we have an opportunity to improve the lives and academic results of children in Australia.


It is well known that our brains change when listening to music, but now, thanks to neuroscience, we know that our brains change massively in response to music education training.


Be Kids is helping children with no musical training to access music teachers. When the brain is trained for music it is also primed for language, maths and higher logic. Thus noticeable improvement in academic results follow music education training.


For over a year, Be Kids has been working hard to help Challis Primary School, Armadale, Western Australia, to improve the music education training opportunities for their students.

The children at Challis School, Armadale are the focus of a national documentary “Don’t Stop the Music”.

In the movie we see children go from never having seen a musical instrument, to playing in a concert at Perth Concert Hall May 2018, after just 9 months of classes.


Superstar mentors Guy Sebastian and James Morrison, with the help of WAAPA and UWA Conservatorium of Music, The Salvation Army Brass, Musica Viva, Artemis Media and Be Kids, made the concert an outstanding success.


But we don’t want to ‘stop the music’ with only one school, we want to work together with partners in the community to bring Be Kids Music Box opportunities to local schools without music training programs.


The Challis Community Primary school teachers have noted improved attendance at school, enthusiasm to learn and a boost to the students’ self esteem. Early results from academic performance reviews are already impressive and the Challis school teachers are very excited to experience what is happening.

There is a new air of excitement, hope and expectation in the school and the community. We want this to continue.


Now that we know that academic results no longer need to be determined by postcode, we understand that giving children access to music education training changes their life opportunities by changing their brains.


Hopefully schools will change their emphasis to include music education training as a pathway to academic success.

The ABC television documentary ‘Don’t Stop The Music’ featuring Challis Primary School and their music star mentors, is a must-watch movie

See it on ABC and ABC iView


Episode 1 : 11th November 7.40pm

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Comments and Media

Challis Community Primary School have received wonderful support from Bob and Heather Hope, The Anglican Parush of Kelmscott, Lucy Kimber, M Deguara, Nick Melidonis, John Enever, Marilyn and Phemie Cacavas, Helen Turner.

Margaret Papst from Melbourne called. 

Margaret worked at Challis for a short period in 1984 as a Psychologist.

She wanted to congratulate the school on a wonderful program, and to say that she had enjoyed watching DSTM. She was very concerned for young Samuel, and was happy to see that he was progressing well.