Welcome to the start of the 2019 school year

It is fantastic to be back working alongside an energized staff who are completely prepared to work with you in teaching  your child or children.There aren’t any drastic changes to the way the school will be run this year. We continue to hold learning to read as our highest priority in the early years along with learning to make and keep friends. In years 3 and 4, the children will learn another language which at Challis is Indonesian.

Our instrumental  programme continues for the Year 6 children and we are seeking funding for this programme to be offered to another year level.


In recognition or our growing school,  three Deputy Principals have been appointed, each with responsible for leading and managing their phase of school.


Mrs Plunkett leads Pre Kindy, Kindy, PP and Year 1. Mr Webb leads Years 2,3 and 4, while Mr Morgan leads the senior years and the Specialist programme.

Additionally, an Impact Team has been developed to provide maximum, focused instructional support, feedback and coaching for teachers.  Their role is to ensure that high quality teaching occurs in every classroom every day for every child. Members of the Impact Team include:

Impact Coaches:

Jacqueline Rownes- Pre K, Kindy, PP, Year 1

Rachel Ansell- Years 2,3,4

Mark McClements- Years 5,6 and Inquiry


Learning Support Coordinator:

Karen Warren


Coordinators of Aboriginal Education, Health and Well being:

Elizabeth Rochfort and Rita Lusted

Behaviour Coaches:

Deb Robinson

Enda Nolan


A few reminders that might be useful at the start of the year:

  • Voluntary Contributions remain unchanged at $40 per year per student and this can be paid at the school office.  Payment plans are available.
  • School is a smoke free zone and this extends to the parent car parks.
  • Dogs, no matter how friendly or cute, leashed or unleashed, are not allowed on school grounds.
  • There will never be enough parking for everyone at the same time so courtesy, patience and common sense will be needed. Parents are not to enter the staff car park on Braemore Street. The Kiss’n Go Zone on Lowanna Way works brilliantly if cars pull in to a bay, say goodbye to their child and drop them off, and pull away again. This is not a parking area.
  • The safety of your children is of paramount importance to us and we have many processes in place to ensure that we uphold their safety. All visitors to the school must sign in and wear a recognizable tag. Parents needing to collect their child early from school must go to the school office and be cleared by the staff before go to the classroom to collect the child. Teachers will not release children without clearance from the front office.
  • School starts at 8:30am daily and children need to be in class at this time. School finishes at 3pm every day except Tuesday, which is 2:30pm. Staff attend meetings every day after school so please ensure you make arrangements to collect your children on time. We are understanding of occasional lateness.
  • Currently we use Updat-ed as the main way of communicating school wide information or quick messages to parents. Please download this free App so that you stay up to date with important information.

     Search for Updat-ed and from the menu, select our school. We’ll receive       your registration request and will need to approve you before your app is       up and running.



So what will the app do?


The app’s great for sending out alerts and reminders with one of its best features being the ability to save events directly into your phone’s calendar.


We hope you enjoy being Updat-ed.


Finally, we are committed to working with you today and every day of the school year. If an issue or concern arises, please speak with your teacher and if you are not satisfied, make an appointment to speak to the Deputy Principal in charge of your phase of school. We will make mistakes. We will rectify them quickly. We promise not to believe every fanciful story that your children tell us at school about your family if you don’t believe every fanciful story that they will tell you about school, the teachers or other children. Please remember that children have a small view of the world, one that revolves around them. What they perceive as an injustice or as unfair is based on their narrow understanding of the full details of whatever the incident may be. If your child tells you a story that concerns you, please ask the teacher for the full story.

We consider ourselves to be on the same side, so it’s important that the children hear the same message from us as they do from you. Consistency is the key in reinforcing important messages about learning, friendships and values.

Our values are based around Respect, Responsibility, Safety and Excellence (RiSE) and we look forward to a highly successful year as we strive together with you to  develop these values in every child.


I look forward to seeing you at one of the many Parent meetings that are being held over the coming weeks.


Welcome back!

Warm regards,


My name is Kelly Plunkett and I am very excited to be the Deputy Principal for the Pre-K to Year 1 phase of school. I have been a teacher at Challis for nearly 12 years. I have an amazing family with 3 beautiful boys, who are growing very fast!!!  For some of you, I may be a familiar face as I may have taught one or more of your children. For new families, a very big, warm welcome to Challis. I can’t wait to meet you all so please come and say hi if you see me walking around the school. This week I have met so many new faces with smiles (ok, maybe a few tears!), laughter and an enthusiasm for learning. Your beautiful children have spent a week getting to know their new teacher and new friends in their class, where to put their lunchbox and drink bottle. Your child has had to get to know their new surroundings both in and out of the classroom. If your child is in Year 1, they have had to find their new desk, big trays and look after their very own stationary. So many big changes and I must say your children are doing an amazing job!!! Then we have 1 new teacher in Kindy, 3 new teachers in Pre-Primary and 2 new teachers in Year 1. So not only do your children have to adjust, so do our new teachers. Some may or may not have gotten lost going to their classJ

This year my focus is parental engagement within our classrooms. So if you have some free time and would love to help your child’s classroom teacher please advise your teacher. We love having an extra set of hands. Parents are a vital part of our community.

I am looking forward to a brilliant year of learning, making new friends and having fun. If you need any help or have any concerns, please contact me and I am happy to be of assistance.

Year 5/6 Phase

Hello my name is Michael Morgan and I am the Deputy Principal of the Year 5/6 Phase.

I have been teaching for 34 years and have been a Deputy Principal at Challis Community Primary school for 12 years.

I have been married for 32 years and I have two sons and two dogs.

We have started the year very well with three year 5 classes and four Year 6 classes. We have one new teacher in year 6.

All teachers are excited to be back and have been working hard to make this year the best ever.

It has been fantastic to see all the students so keen and eager to be back at school and wearing their school uniform with pride.

It is very important that you start the year establishing good school routines including, attending school every day, arriving by 8.30 am and completing your work to the best of your ability.

I would expect all year 5/6’s to be reading and practising their tables every night.

Hi Wonderful Challis Family,

My name is Hayes Webb and I am the Deputy Principal for the Year 2 – 4 Phase. I hope you had a most wonderful time over the Christmas break with your family and I welcome you back to Challis for 2019. I spent a lot of quality time with my family. I have 4 children Lucy (4), Kalin (8), Molly (12) and Ava (13) and now am excited to back at Challis and be a part of your child’s learning journey this year. This year we have some new faces in our teaching staff in Year 2 and 3. Mrs Bedford (Year 2) and Mrs Azadeh (Year 3) have joined the Challis team this year and have got off to an amazing start, welcome! This year our aim as a leadership team is to provide excellence in teaching so that our students can achieve skills that will maximise their opportunities and outcomes in life. A big part of reaching this goal is establishing a strong and effective link between home and school.  This will be a focus for me this term as I wish to strengthen the connection I have with the Challis community. I wish you and your children a most wonderful year full of joy, growth and learning.   


Hayes Webb.