Challis & Dymocks Children's Charity Crowdfunding Project

Roald Dahl’s Matilda said it best, ‘Somewhere inside all of us, is the power to change the world.’ At Challis, we are working tirelessly to change the narrative for our students and, with the support of our school community, we once again have a chance to make a difference.


We have been provided a wonderful opportunity by Dymocks Children's Charity to raise funds to support a library regeneration project. A crowdfunding page is currently open and Dymocks will match any money we raise between now and the end of term. This money will be spent solely on books - new library books, class books, whole class reading sets, home readers, playgroup books and more! If we raise $1000, we can spend $2000, raise $4000 and we get to shop with $8000 and so on; wow! What an opportunity to make a real impact on the literature available at both school and in the homes of our students and help improve student outcomes. 


The Challis cogs are already beginning to turn and, for those who are unaware, this once again provides an opportunity to demonstrate what an awesome community we are and what we can achieve together when all are committed to a common goal. In this instance, raising funds! 


A variety of activities will be held over the coming weeks, but the main ones include an outdoor movie night organised by the P&C (date to be confirmed) and a sponsored Read-a-Thon, organised by us. Over the coming days all students will receive their sponsorship form and it is our role to promote the Read-a-Thon and try to support its uptake via all available methods; in class discussions, notice boards, social media platforms etc. It's a perfect fit for what we are already encouraging and promoting - read everyday. 


Posters will begin to appear around the school and I have attached a flyer to this email. The link to the fundraising page is below and I encourage all to share far and wide and, dare I say, pester our own family and friends to donate! Remember, no matter how small the donation, it gets doubled!