News from Mrs Plunkett, Deputy Principal for Early Years Education

It's hard to believe we have already started Term 2! For 11 weeks your child/ren have built a relationship with their new teacher, made new friends and learnt all new expectations. little people have transitioned from Pre-primary and moved to the 'big school' and are having the time of their lives learning lots and playing on the oval. Pre-K children have had a wonderful time learning, exploring and having fun meeting new friends (and a new teacher). It has been an exciting time for these past 11 weeks. We still have 29 weeks left to learn more, build more resilience, read, read, read and most of all have fun. 

This term we have quite a lot happening. In week 3 and 4 on a Tuesday, Challis is hosting a BOOST workshop (an opportunity for parents of students in Kindy to Year 2 to learn about improving early literacy skill development through games and exciting activities) and we have had quite a big interest with 45 parents registering!                                                        
This is a reporting term, so throughout this term all teachers will start meeting with you to discuss how your child is progressing followed up with a half day reporting to parents meeting in week 8 to go through your child's report.

We are very excited to announce that in week 5 Kindy Comets, Little Twinklers and Reach for the Stars after school literacy groups will be commencing. This involves parent and child working together to complete literacy activities. An invite for specific students will be will be sent out this week. What a fantastic opportunity to bring parents into the classroom and learn some tricks of the trade.

This term the big focus is on attendance. The goal is 95% attendance, which means to keep at the 95%, your child should only have 2 days off per term.  EVERY STUDENT, EVERY DAY.

Last but not least, all Junior classrooms should have a parent help roster, if you would like to help and be part of your child's classroom, please put your name down or speak to your teacher.

If you have any concerns or need to speak to me about anything, my door is always open.

Kelly Plunkett

Early Years Deputy Principal