Reporting to Parents

We request that students arrive at school no earlier than 12.00pm on this day, and will finish at 2:30pm as normal.

In an effort to greatly improve our communication with parents, carers and guardians the purpose of the interview is to allow you to meet your child’s class teacher to discuss your child’s achievements and progress this year.  We encourage parents to take this opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher in order to discuss their progress and how your child can best be supported in their learning moving forward.

Both classroom and specialist teachers will be available for interviews on this day.

We are committed to building strong partnerships with parents, carers and guardians and we highly value your involvement by providing more opportunities for you to connect with us.

Your child’s education is a partnership between you, your child and the school community.

The interviews will be ten minutes in length and an interview timetable will be made available to you by your child’s teacher shortly. This will allow you to be given the opportunity to arrange interview times that best suit you. If you are arranging more than one interview, then please allow for travel time between interviews.

Classes will resume at 12.00pm, however the usual timetable will be suspended.

I am looking forward to see you on the day.


Lee Musumeci