Junior Choir

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

Given the recent concerns about the Coronavirus we would like to take a cautious approach to both Junior and Senior Choir after school practice. This practice  is to be  cancelled for the remainder of term one with a review of the situation in term two.  

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

Welcome back to Challis in 2020. Here is some information about Junior Choir in 2020.

In Term 1, Junior Choir will be on Mondays from 3.10-4pm in the room M7. Students in Years 1, 2 and 3 are eligible to take part in Junior Choir. Junior Choir begins Monday, February 24th (Week 4).

Students from Year 1 and 2 will be taken over to the old undercover area and Year 3’s will come straight over once they are dismissed by their teacher. Choir students will be picked up from the old undercover area at 4pm. Please make sure they are picked on time and if, due to unforeseen circumstances you are running late you need to notify the office before 4pm.

Our first performance will be to sing the National Anthem at the ANZAC Day assembly and we plan to take part in the Junior Dalefest event in term 2.

All choir students are required to have their good standing to come to Choir practice as well as perform. If a student loses their good standing they are welcome to return to all Choir events once they have earned their good standing back. 


Kind regards,


Simon Blanchard

Music Specialist

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