Welcome to Challis families

Good morning Challis families and Welcome to the 2022 school year!

It has been so fabulous to see all students in school uniform, hair tied back, closed in shoes or shoes securely strapped to feet and booklist items provided. A huge thank you to our families for such thorough preparation from the start of the year.
elcome to all of our new families and our families who have been with us for a short or long time. It is terrific to see everyone again.

I thought it might be useful to offer new information, a few reminders and provide a sense of the reason behind some of our decisions shaping our school in 2022.

Challis Behaviour Expectations - Respect, Responsibility, Safety and Excellence
The whole school follows the exact same behaviour expectations which are taught lesson by lesson over a two-week period. Students are acknowledged very frequently for demonstrating our expectations. This makes up “The Challis Way” of doing things. At our assembly last Monday, the following behaviour expectations were reinforced to start the school year….

  1. We come to school every day (unless we are sick)
  2. We wear our school uniform (including tying our hair back and wearing closed in shoes).
  3. We follow teacher instructions the first time and quickly.
  4. We are in the right place, at the right time, ready to learn.
  5. We are kind to ourselves and others.


These expectations have remained the same for many years and each week we introduce a new expectation. The newest expectation is that “we eat our canteen food and drink in eating areas” (not on the new Tiger Turf).


Thanks to the fabulous efforts of the P and C last year, and your generosity in supporting their fund raising, the P and C donated $10 000 to the school so that we could install a new artificial surface in the assembly area. This will provide a more comfortable surface for the students to sit on during assemblies. Please continue to support the P and C fundraising efforts throughout 2022 as your children benefit from all funds raised.

New faces at Challis

You may see some new staff around the school this year as we look to replace about 8 staff who are on parenting leave. The new staff take part in a thorough induction programme that commenced before students returned to school. On Friday, they will be released from class to continue their induction and in their place, our coaches will teach their classes. Don’t be shy in saying hello to the new staff and making them feel welcome.

Staying COVID safe

As well as all staff being either double or triple vaccinated, starting today, we are implementing a strategy that keeps staff working, eating and collaborating in specific areas of the school in an effort to minimize the risk of cross infection to other teams in case someone unknowingly is positive for COVID. This gives us a better chance of reducing the spread, therefore reducing time away from teaching and reducing the need to bring in relief staff. Each of our “pods” is a self-contained area with food and drink facilities, computer access and a suitable amount of space for members to spread out.

As mentioned in a previous post, we will be looking closely at school events that bring large crowds of people together and instead, will be opting for smaller events e.g. we are considering reducing school assemblies to a year level instead of a phase. This means less adults in the assembly area, with more space to socially distance. We will keep you updated as details are confirmed. In the meantime, if you attend a parent information session in the coming weeks, please keep your mask on, sanitize your hands as you enter the space and keep a safe distance from other adults.

Class structures and Programmes

This year, we have focused our resourcing on students who require support in order to be successful with their learning. In addition to Inquiry classes in Years 1-6, we have added another Reading Rangers class and introduced one or two Reading Rockstars classes per year level. This reduces the number of students in those classes and increases the amount of support that is provided throughout the day, specifically to improve reading skills. Our NURTURE and STRIVE classes continue, providing appropriate academic, social and emotional support. ALWAYS Club will continue to acknowledge students who always attend school, always follow “the Challis Way” including being kind to others.

Challis Brass and Simply Strings continue to be offered free of charge to students in Years 4,5,6 and I’m delighted to introduce Kendra Smith (Simply Strings) and Rob Coleman (Challis Brass) as our newest recruits to the instrumental programme.

Our R.O.C.K Buddy programme commences for another year thanks to the personal commitment of staff. Aboriginal Homework Class commences on Tuesday of Week 3 with a focus on topics from the Health curriculum.

Our well established and highly successful partnership with Curtin University continues to provide an array of therapies to students who require support to complement their education.

The Challis Parenting and Early Learning Centre (CPELC) continues to offer an array of programmes from birth to three years of age, with Move n Groove starting on Monday, Week 3.

Support for teachers has been increased this year through the addition of an Impact Coach per year level. The role of the Impact Coach is to ensure high quality teaching is occurring in every class, every day by working alongside teachers in delivering highly effective lessons.

Our team of Specialists return with PE, Music, Health and Science being taught in the junior years whilst PE, Music, Indonesian and Science are taught from Years 3-6.

A 5th Deputy Principal, Ms Samantha Mudgeway has been employed to lead the important area of Student Services, Inclusion, Mental Health and Well Being. Mr Morgan continues to lead the Operations (including Attendance) of the school, whilst Mr Webb focusses on Student Engagement and Behaviour. Mrs Plunkett is responsible for Pre K, Kindy, PP, Year 1 and the Specialist programmes, whilst Mr McClements leads the Yr 2-6 phase of school. An Organisational Chart is provided over page for your reference.

Finishing time

Following a trial to reduce carpark congestion, we are reverting to the original finish time of 3pm (2:30pm Tuesdays), except for Kindy which finishes at 2:50pm daily (2:20pm Tuesdays). Acknowledging that the carpark is congested at pick up time, the following suggestions reduce or distribute the traffic around the school;

  1. Where safe, encourage walking, riding or scooting to school or ride as a family.
  2. Check who lives close by and carpool.
  3. Park further away from school and walk the last distance to collect your children.
  4. Parents of older students are encouraged not to arrive at school until after the siren.
  5. Use the ‘Kiss n Go’ bays to keep the traffic flowing smoothly- these bays are not for parking and leaving your car.
  6. ACROD bays are only to be used by ACROD permit holders.
  7. Be considerate to other drivers. Everyone is equally busy and keen to pick up their children.
  8. Follow all signs and instructions given by staff for the safe use of the carpark areas. Please be aware that Council Rangers do survey school surrounds on occasion and will issue fines if you are parked illegally.

Reminders for Parents

* Students need to be in class by 8:30am. Lateness affects learning.

  • Attendance from PP- 6 is compulsory and every day absent is a day of lost learning. A note of explanation is required if a child is absent from school.
  • Dogs are not allowed on school premises, lead or no lead or being carried.
  • Masks need to be work when in classrooms or the office.
  • The school and carparks are SMOKE FREE
  • Late students need to be signed in at the office.
  • We love (and need) parent volunteers. The more involved you are in your child’s schooling, the better the outcomes for your child. Please talk with your teacher or pop in to the office if you would like to volunteer anywhere in school.

Assemblies- have been moved to Tuesday mornings. More details to follow once decisions have been made about whether we continue in two phases or whether we are meeting in year levels.

Breakfast Club- has been operating for more than 15 years and this year is seriously in doubt due to lack of volunteers. If you have an hour to spare between 8am-9am any day of the week, we would love to hear from you.

While we aren’t certain about what 2022 may bring, we are certain that quality teaching and learning continues no matter what. We look forward to working in partnership with families to support the learning of every student. We hope to see many of you at the Family information sessions planned over the next few weeks.

Welcome to the 2022 school year!

Lee Musumeci

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