The gift of music

Governor and the Government House Foundation present cellos to Challis

Following a visit in August to Challis Community Primary School, the Governor was inspired to help the school’s music program which relies heavily on community instrument donations. 
The Governor heard that the school had an insufficient number of cellos for its music program students, with eight students unable to participate without the instruments.
The Governor speaking with Challis students
Through the Government House Foundation, donations were raised and the required eight cellos were generously donated to the music program’s string section.
Students Investigate their new cellos

The Governor, accompanied by his wife Ms Susie Annus, and Government House Foundation Artistic Director Ms Fiona Campbell presented the cellos to Challis Community Primary School Principal Mrs Lee Musumeci and music program staff and students on Friday 25th September.

“It was totally inspiring to witness the power of music education in action during my last visit to Challis Community Primary’s School famous music program in August.

 I am delighted that through the Government House Foundation we have been able to call on people in the community who know the importance of the arts to give back to the school’s wonderful program.

 I thank everyone involved for their support and donations which truly provide the gift of music to Challis students and I look forward to hearing about the school’s continued success in helping our kids thrive through musical education opportunities.” The Governor


 “The Challis music program is all about providing children the opportunity to write their own life story. Through the power of music, the children think about themselves differently, see they are connected to something important and start to imagine possibilities not previously imagined.

 We are uplifted to receive support from the Government House Foundation and sincerely thank everyone who contributed to the gift of 8 cellos for the children. This means that children who have been attending lessons and sharing an instrument will now be able to have their own.” Challis Community Primary School Principal Mrs Lee Musumeci


 “The Foundation is delighted to assist these young musicians and thanks the donors who made it possible.

 As a legacy from the late Julie Michael, wife of former Governor the Honourable Dr Ken Michael AC, the Foundation is committed to encouraging excellence in music. It will welcome an opportunity to introduce these musicians to the Music on the Terrace series in 2021.”              John McKechnie QC, Government House Foundation Chair


“The cello, magnificent as it is, is more than a musical instrument in these children’s lives. It is a powerful and practical tool to learn all sorts of life skills through the discipline of practice, including listening, communicating, working collaboratively in a group and of course, finding a unique way to be expressive and hopefully begin their lifelong journey of creating joy through music.” Fiona Campbell, Government House Foundation Artistic Director


As well as cellos, the music program is also currently seeking donations of half size violins.


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