Reading Corner

Mrs Bujalka reading 'Bears In the Night'

Ms Ansell, Mr Nolan, Mr McClements and Mrs Williams.
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Little Red Riding Hood

Mrs Taylor reading 'There's a Hedgehog in my Pants'

Curtin Students reading 'We're going on a Bear Hunt'
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We're Going on Bear Hunt

Bear Hunt Puppets

Mrs Plunkett reading 'The Book with no Pictures'
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The Book with No Pictures

Ms Watson reading 'Pig The Winner'

Mrs Robinson reading 'Don't Spew in Your Spacesuit'

Ms Fletcher's Friend April reading 'Who Sank the Boat'

Ms Woodford reading 'Jack and the Beanstalk'

Ms Woodford reading 'Busting'

Mr Brighouse reading 'Python'

Ms Fletcher reading 'Chickens'

Mrs Frith reading 'Hairy McClary'

Ms Delaney reading 'Snow White and the Seven Wombats'

Ms Carniel reading 'The Very Itchy Bear'

Mrs Bell reading 'Aliens in Underpants'

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